A gyroscope is a spinning wheel whose spin axis can move relative to some reference mount. For the sake of simplicity, the major components of the gyro are comprised of:

The Spin Motor, the main characteristic of which is "angular momentum".

The Gyro Case which is the outer enclosure.

The Gimballing System which is the structure carrying the spin motor. The gimballing system isolates the spinning rotor from the gyro-case if the gyro-case turns around the outer gimbal axis or if the gyro-case turns around the inner gimbal axis.

The Gimbal suspension, which includes:

  • the ball bearings (or gimbal bearings) between the gyro-case and the outer gimbal, and between the outer gimbal and the inner gimbal;
  • the rotor bearings holding the spinning rotor in the inner gimbal.
  • an Angular Pick-off which senses relative angular displacements between the gyro gimbal and the case.
  • a Torquer which enables compensation for certain types of errors and precessing the gyro at desired rates.

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