Interaction with the geologists is of prime importance to understand any limitations in the particular zone of interest. Although all information collected is important to the drilling operation communication at this stage can be the make or break point of the well.

  • Lithology being drilled through (sand, shales, sloughing tendencies, coals, salt, medium hard formations with hard or soft stringers, marker zones)
  • Location of water or gas top
  • Level of geological control
  • Type of target the geologist is expecting (channel sand, pinnacle reef, a seismic irregularity, exploration or infill drill)
  • Geological structures that will be drilled through or into (dip, faults, unconsolidated shales)
  • Regulatory issues (oil or gas target boundaries, wellbore clearance from existing wells, location of final total depth)
  • Type of Well (Oil or Gas)
  • Future sidetrack or re-entry potentials

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