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PowerDrilling Monitor

The PowerDrilling Monitor provides a tool for directional drillers to optimize the performance of the positive displacement PowerPak motors. PowerPak motors provide the means to make three-dimensional turns in a well while operating in sliding mode. In vertical and tangent sections of a well path, the motor is optimized to operate at peak horsepower to improve drilling efficiency.

The PowerDrilling Monitor maximizes rate of penetration (ROP) by determining motor horsepower relative to the various drilling parameters. Each of the parameters have an individual affect on motor performance which make optimization hard to achieve. The monitor provides a graphical display of ROP versus downhole weight on bit (DWOB), downhole torque, or standpipe pressure. The graphic displays the attainable ROP curve to identify operational parameters required to reach peak performance.

The torque and speed of each PowerPak motor has been characterized in terms of pressure drop and flow rate through the motor. The characterized equations are derived from specifications obtained from motor dynamometer tests. The tests provide the basis for the calculation of mechanical horsepower as a function of flow rate for a range of pressure drops.

The program accounts for the necessary drilling parameter inputs including motor revolution per minute, downhole weight on bit, downhole torque, standpipe pressure, surface revolution per minute, and total flow. Bottom hole assembly data which affects motor performance includes bit size, motor type, rotor nozzle size and expected flow rate.

While drilling, the PowerDrilling program calculates mechanical and hydraulic horsepower for the given drilling parameters. The data is plotted and horsepower curves are fitted to represent the performance of the motor under actual drilling conditions. This information gives the directional driller the ability to adjust drilling parameters and operate the downhole motor at peak horsepower. The PowerDrilling Monitor optimizes performance and identifies the wear state of the motor to increase wellsite efficiency.

The ability to measure downhole motor speed allows for an accurate horsepower analysis with the PowerDrilling Monitor.

The ability to measure downhole motor speed allows for an accurate horsepower analysis with the PowerDrilling Monitor.

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