Stuckpipe learning

This SPIN screen displays friction factors while rotating, reaming and sliding to identify sticking pipe.

Spin Sticking Pipe Investigation Diagnosis and Recovery Diagnosis

It is critical to correctly diagnose the mechanism by which the drillstring is or may become stuck in order to determine the correct preventative or remedial action to ensure the drillstring or part of it is not lost.

In the stressful situation of a stuckpipe incident critical information may be missed, by asking a series of structured questions SPIN ensures that the situation is adequately described. It uses Bayseian probabilistic reasoning to interpret the responses to the questions and deliver the user with an evaluation of the most likely causes of the stuckpipe incident.

The program can also be used to evaluate the potential for a stuckpipe incident in different scenarios during well planning, or in sections of the well yet to be drilled.

The system also collects all the answers given along with supporting evidence, from which a stuckpipe report is generated. The reports are stored and can be searched, thus providing a mechanisms for stuckpipe knowledge capture and learning.

Stuckpipe Handbook

Having diagnosed the cause of the problem, an online stuckpipe handbook can be accessed at the appropriate section. The handbook contains industry standard information to confirm the diagnosis, and recommends appropriate preventative or freeing actions. The handbook can be easily customized to provide information relevant to a specific location, or to contain an operator's specific procedures.

As a result SPIN improves significantly the chances of successfully avoiding or recovering from a stuckpipe incident by providing online decision support for diagnosis and directed access to information and knowledge at the critical time.

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