General Introduction For Shutin Procedure On A Floating

Note: A floating rig is defined as a rig equipped with subsea BOP's.

Shut-in procedure should be agreed by contractor and operating company and posted on rig floor before drilling the well begins.

When any positive indication of a kick is observed such as a sudden increase in flow or increase in pit level, then the well should be shut in immediately without doing a flow check. If the increase in flow or pit gain is hard to detect then flow check can be done to confirm the well is flowing.

It maybe difficult to obtain an accurate flow check by observing flow line on rig floor or flow line at shaker due to rig movement.


To obtain an accurate flow check:

  1. Stop rotating, pick up and space out for hang off rams.
  2. Shut down rig pumps.
  3. Line up trip tank.
  4. Close shaker valve.
  5. Half fill trip tank with mud and perform a flow check.

If surface hole is being drilled and the conductor or surface casing is not set in a competent formation and a shallow gas kick is taken, then the kick should be diverted and not shut in. Diverting procedure will be discussed at the end of this section.

The procedure which follow are generalised suggestions and not necessary applicable to any specific rig.

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