Marine Riser Telescopic Joint

9.2.18 The telescopic joint serves as a connection between the marine riser and the drilling vessel, compensating principally for heave of the vessel. It consists of two main sections, the outer barrel (lower member) and the inner barrel (upper member).


  1. 2.19 The outer barrel (lower member), connected to the riser pipe and remaining fixed with respect to the ocean floor, is attached to the riser tensioning system and also provides connections for the kill and choke lines. A pneumatically or hydraulically actuated resilient packing element contained in the upper portion of the outer barrel provides a seal around the outside diameter of the inner barrel.
  2. 2.20 The inner barrel (upper member), which reciprocates within the outer barrel, is connected to and moves with the drilling vessel and has an internal diameter compatible with other components of the marine riser system. The top portion of the inner barrel has either a drilling fluid return line or diverter system attached, and is connected to the underneath side of the rig sub structure.
  3. 2.21 The telescopic joint, either in the extended or contracted position, should be capable of supporting anticipated dynamic loads while running or pulling the blowout preventer stack and should have sufficient strength to safely resist stresses that might reasonably be anticipated during operations. Stroke length of the inner barrel should provide a margin of safety over and above the maximum established operating limits of heave for the vessel due to wave and tidal action.
  4. 2.22 Selection of a telescopic joint should include consideration of such factors as size and stroke length, mechanical strength, packing element life, ease of packing replacement with the telescopic joint in service, and efficiency in attachment of appurtenances (i.e. tensioner cables, choke and kill lines, diverter systems. etc.).

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