Open Function

This sequence is the parallel opposite of the CLOSE function. As shown in Fig 9.3c, when the 'open' button is pressed, the solenoid valves on the hydraulic control manifold are actuated and allow air pressure to move the operator on the pilot control valve to the 'open' position. The solenoid valve on the left in the diagram vents the 'close' side of the operating piston.

The pilot fluid can then flow down to the subsea control pod where it lifts the spindle in the RAMS OPEN SPM valve thus blocking the vent and allowing power fluid to flow through the valve. From the pod the power fluid travels through the 'open' shuttle valve to the 'open' sides of the BOP ram operating cylinders. Simultaneous reciprocal action in the RAMS CLOSE SPM valve allows the fluid from the 'close' side of the operating cylinders to be vented.

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