Operation And Maintenance Operating Requirements

Sphericals have relatively simple operating requirements compared to other annulars. When closing on stationary pipe, 1,500 psi operating pressure is sufficient in most applications. Recommended closing pressures for specific applications are given in the table at the bottom of the page.

Closing action begins when hydraulic fluid is pumped into the closing chamber of the Spherical BOP below the piston (upper right). As the piston rises, it pushes the element up, and the element's spherical shape causes it to close in at the top as it moves upward.

The element seals around the drill string as the piston continues to rise (middle right). Steel segments in the element move into the well bore to support the rubber as it contains the well pressure below.

When there is no pipe in the preventer, continued upward movement of the piston forces the element to seal across the open bore (lower right). At complete shutoff, the steel segments provide ample support for the top portion of the rubber. This prevents the rubber from flowing or extruding excessively when confining high well pressure.

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