Operational Features

The Hydril GK Annular BOPs are particularly qualified to meet the industry's needs for simple and reliable blowout protection. Over 40 years of operational experience provide the simplest, field proven mechanism in the industry.

Only Two Moving Parts (piston and packing unit) on the Hydril Annular BOP mean few areas are subjected to wear. The BOP is thus a safer, and more efficient mechanism requiring less maintenance and downtime.

A Long piston with a length to diameter ratio approaching one eliminates tendencies to cock and bind during operations with off-centre pipe or unevenly distributed accumulation of sand, cuttings, or other elements. This design ensures the packing unit will always reopen to full bore position.

Back to Front Feedable Rubber on the Packing Unit enables the packing unit to close and seal on virtually any shape in the drillstring or completely shut off the open bore and to strip tool joints under pressure. This feature permits confident closure of the BOP at the initial indication of a "kick" without delaying to locate the tool joint.

The Conical Bowl Design of the Piston provides a simple and efficient method of closing the packing unit. The piston serves as a sealing surface against the rubber packing unit; there is no metal-to-metal wear and thus longer equipment life results.

Utilisation of Maximum Packing Unit life is made possible with a piston indicator for measuring piston stroke. This measurement indicates remaining packing unit life and ensures valid testing.

A Field Replaceable Wear Plate In the BOP Head serves as an upper non-sealing wear surface for the movement of the packing unit, making field repair fast and economical.

Flanged Steel Inserts In the Packing Unit reinforce the rubber and control rubber flow and extrusion for safer operation and longer packing unit life.

Greater Stripping Capability is inherent in the design of the packing unit since testing (fatigue) wear occurs on the outside and stripping wear occurs on the inside of the packing unit. Thus, testing wear has virtually no affect on stripping capability and greater overall life of the packing unit results. The resulting ability to strip the drillstring to the bottom without first changing the packing unit means a safer operation, lower operating costs and longer service life for the packing unit.

The Packing Unit Is Tested to Full Rated Working Pressure at the factory and the tests are documented— before it reaches the well site—to ensure a safe, quality performance.

The Packing Unit Is Replaceable with Pipe In the Bore, which eliminates pulling the drillstring for replacement and reduces operating expenses with more options for well control techniques.

Large Pressure Energised Seals are used for dynamically sealing piston chambers to provide safe operation, long seal life, and less maintenance.

Piston Sealing Surfaces Protected by Operating Fluid lowers friction and protects against galling and wear to increase seal life and reduce maintenance time.


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