Components are listed reading upward from the uppermost piece of permanent wellhead equipment, or from the bottom of the preventer stack. A blowout preventer stack may be fully identified by a very simple designation, such as:

This preventer stack would be rated 5000 psi working pressure, would have throughbore of 13 inches, and would be arranged as in Fig. C.5.


Ram type preventers should be equipped with extension hand wheels hydraulic locks.



The following recommended minimum blowout preventer spare parts approved for the service intended should be available at each rig:

a. a complete set of drill pipe rams and ram rubbers for each size drill pipe being used, b. a complete set of bonnet or door seals for each size and type of ram preventer being used, c. plastic packing for blow out preventer secondary seals, d. ring gaskets to fit flange connections, and e. appropriate spare parts for annular preventers, when used.


When storing blowout preventer metal parts and related equipment, they should be coated with a protective coating to prevent rust.

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