Regulator Control

Since the power fluid arrives at the subsea control pod at 3000 psi and the BOP functions have a maximum normal operating pressure of 1500 psi, regulators are needed in the pods - one is provided for the annular preventers and one for the ram preventers. Fig 9.11 shows how the subsea regulator is controlled from the surface.

A 1/2" air operated pilot regulator in the control manifold transmits pilot pressure to the subsea regulator in order to adjust its setting. The air operator can be manipulated either manually using an air regulator on the control manifold or remotely from another control panel. When operated from a remote panel a solenoid valve is used to increase the air pressure by allowing rig air to flow into a 1 gallon receiver connected to the air pilot line. The receiver acts as a surge protector for the pilot regulator. Decreasing the air pressure is achieved by using a solenoid valve to vent the line to atmosphere.

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