Continuous Circulating Trip Tank

The trip tank, as shown in Figure 1 can be set to continuous gravity feed, or it can use pump feeding. The advantage of this system is that the hole remains full at all times, and the volumes used can be continuously and accurately maintained.

The main drawback to this system is that the trip tank does not contain enough mud to permit a full trip without refilling. The drill crew should develop a routine of checking the trip tank level frequently and therefore be aware when refilling is required. It is relatively easy for other problems to distract attention from this need, especially when drill collars are being pulled and extra demands placed upon the drill crew.

Trip Tank Drilling
Figure 1 - Continuous Circulating Trip Tank


0.0075 bls/ft Metal Displacement

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  • doreen
    How to connect mud return line to shaker and trip tank?
    5 months ago

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