Diverters are primarily used during the drilling of top hole sections when the use of BOPs are prohibited due to low fracture margins. Their primary function is to 'divert' wellbore fluids a safe distance away from the rig floor during shallow well kicks. Diverters commonly have 12 inch ID 'overboard lines' and incorporate a large diameter low pressure annular type preventer. The KFDJ model pictured below has an outer packer contained in the diverter housing and an insert packer for closure around various sizes of drill pipe. The outer packer is for use during running large sized surface casing. Diverters are available in 500 psi and 2,000 psi systems with a full range of insert packers. A hydraulic closing system is used to operate both the diverter and flowline/overboard valves.

Vetco Diverter Systems
Figure 31 - Vetco KFDJ Diverter

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    What will 31" diverter packer in a vetco kfdj 500 seal around?
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    How to function a drilling diverter?
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